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Monitoring and Alerting on Unix/Windows Systems

Our Ready-Made tools helps you avoid having to deploy monitoring scripts to remote systems!

UnixAutomation.com provides ready-made monitoring/automation tools that can be downloaded and put to use instantly. There are no complicated configurations or time consuming setups to worry about. Each tool you'll find on this website was built to specifically save you days worth of research and code development. Our snmp based plugins eliminates the need to deploy scripts or foreign agents to remote nodes. You get to affordably centralize the monitoring of your entire network with peace of mind. Scan through our ever growing list of automated tools for the right solution for you. If the automated tool(s) you're looking for is not listed or if you require customized modifications, feel free to reach out to us for assistance.

Comprehensive Automation - End Repetitive Tasks NOW!

Load Monitor

Unix/Windows: Use SNMP to monitor load on local and remote systems. Specify warning and critical thresholds. Get alert notifications when the set thresholds are breached.

Disk Space Monitor

Unix/Windows: Use SNMP to monitor disk space usage on both local and remote nodes. Monitor share drives as well. Monitor specific partitions, ignore others. Alert when space thresholds are breached..

Memory Monitor

Unix/Windows: Use SNMP to monitor total system memory usage on both local and remote nodes. Avoid false alerts. Get notifications only when memory usage (excluding cached and buffer) breaches a threshold.

Swap Space Monitor

Unix/Windows: Use SNMP to monitor swapping activity. Get notifications whenever a system runs out of memory and begins to swap to disk.

Process Monitor

Unix/Windows: Use SNMP to monitor process count on both local and remote nodes.

Monitor process memory usage as well. Alert when memory usage of a process breaches a threshold.

Monitor the same process on two different hosts at the same time; alert only if process is down on both

Log Monitor

Monitor log content for errors/patterns. Alert when user-specified errors/patterns are found.

Scan and alert on multiple log files with one log check.

Alert when expected pattern(s) are not found in the latest scan of all new entries written to log.

Alert when a value in a specific field in certain log entries breaches a specific threshold.

File Monitor

Monitor File stamp, alert when file age is older than X amount of time.

Monitor stale status of logs; alert when file has not been written to within a specific period of time.

Monitor log growth, alert if log size is the same size it was at the time of last check.

Monitor not just single files, but also a directory of files or specific types of files

Script Protection (.sh/.pl/.rb/.py/.php)

Automatically encrypt and obfuscate single and multiple shell, perl, python and ruby scripts. Protect your code from prying eyes. Make your scripts unreadable, yet executable. Release and distribute script(s) without fear of exposing proprietary information. Set expiration dates for all your encrypted scripts. Guard your script(s) from unscrupulous users; get alert notifications whenever attempts are made to break into or tamper with your code.

Protect your Script's Source Code

Encrypt and obfuscate scripts written in interpreted languages (.sh, .bash, .ksh, .csh, .ksh93, .pl, .py, .rb, .js, .php, .R, .r). Distribute your protected scripts without exposing proprietary information or giving away intellectual property. Configure your scripts to allow usage only by specific users and/or on a specific list of hosts/servers. Protect and secure an unlimited number of scripts however you want!

Some of the many capabilities of the EnScryption tool include:

  • Unlimited Obfuscation/Encryption of Scripts written in Interpreted Languages
  • Functions - Protect a script (shell scripts) and all associated function files
  • Libraries, Modules, Gems - Protect ruby scripts and all associated library files
  • Modification Prevention - Seal your source code so it can't be modified
  • Date Management - Assign expiration dates to your protected scripts
  • License Management - Regulate the redistribution of all important scripts
  • User Management - Restrict usage of your scripts to specific Users
  • Host Management - Restrict usage of your scripts to specific Hosts
  • Duplication Prevention - Prevent against multiple copies on a host
  • Instance Management - Restrict simultaneous multiple running instances
  • Tamper Resistance - Auto self-destructs when a hack attempt is detected!
  • Access Management - Turn off script remotely IF licensing terms are violated!
  • Reports - Get excel spreadsheets detailing where your scripts are being used!
  • Compatiblity - Tested/verified to work on MacOS, Linux, AIX, Android systems
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Unix Monitoring Automation

How to use our automation tools to monitor many components within your Unix/Windows environment without having to write a single script or modify one!

Disk Space Monitor (via SNMP)

Monitor all disk drives on Unix and Windows hosts / servers. Use this tool to alert on disk space usage of partitions, drives. Can also be used to monitor share drives. Alerts when share drive is not mounted.


Memory Monitor (via SNMP)

Monitor system memory usage. Get alerts when total memory consumption rises above a set threshold. In the alert notifications that are generated, you get to see total memory installed, total memory used, percentage of memory used, how much memory is available. Takes into account Cached/Buffered to avoid false alerts.


Load Monitor (via SNMP)

Monitor system load. Set thresholds for 1 minute, 5 minute, 15 minute time periods. Get alert notifications whenever the system load reaches or exceeds the threshold set.


Process Count Monitor (via SNMP)

Get alert notifications when the total count of a process exceeds or falls below thresholds specified.


Process Memory Monitor (via SNMP)

Monitor process memory usage on Unix and Windows hosts / servers. Get alert notifications whenever the memory usage of a process breaches a user-specified threshold. Watch

All-in-One Process Monitor

Use SNMP to monitor processes on both Unix and Windows hosts/servers. Monitor process count and alert if count goes above or below a specific threshold. Monitor process count on two host at the same time, alert only when process is not running on both hosts.


Simplified Log File Monitoring

Linux Log Monitoring ; Monitor, Alert on & Analyze Linux / Unix Log files the easy way ; Application Logs, Database logs, System Logs, Custom Logs, Any log file - Genenerate graphs automatically on all monitored logs - Trend any log file metric you desire - Utilize the versitility of LoGrobot to eliminate the tedious effort often required to configure log checks - Perform all log monitoring tasks with just one tool!

Some of the many labor saving capabilities and benefits of LoGrobot include:

  • Watch a directory of log files, detect exceptions/errors in monitored logs

  • PlugnPlay command-line parameters (avoid dealing with scattered configs)
  • Adapts seamlessly to any custom scenario - Usable as a plugin, service or both
  • Monitors dynamic log files efficiently (log files with changing names / dates)
  • Monitors different patterns in single or different log files, with one check
  • Hot Spot Analysis: Identify times when there is unusually high # of log statements
  • Monitors log file timestamps, log file growth, log file size and directory file count
  • Assignment of different thresholds to patterns in a multi-pattern log check
  • A clean log monitor that does not require installation of nonnative modules
  • Scanning, monitoring and alerting on log files of any format, type or size
  • ON-Demand graphs for insight on the health of your App, DB, Network
  • Can alert based on values in certain columns of specific log entries
  • Monitoring rotated logs automatically - never miss events between logchecks!
  • Scan logs in time frames (i.e. show entries within previous 20 mins, 1 hr...etc)
  • Remote agent included for monitoring of remote logs from ONE master server
  • Alert when expected log events are NOT found within a set period of time
  • Monitor all log files or specific types of log files in a particular directory
    • Point logxray to ANY directory with just one check!

      • Avoid having to define separate checks for each log file

    • Specify the type of files to exclude / include in monitoring

      • Assign different thresholds for each file type

  • Easily integrated with other monitoring apps i.e. Nagios, Zenoss, Zabbix
  • Use one tool to monitor anything and everything about your Unix log files!
  • Request development of custom personalized log monitoring features
    • Allows passing of different thresholds to each pattern being monitored

    • Allows for the filtering of specific log entries to eliminate unnecessary noise

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Automation and Monitoring

Easily monitor a number of components in both Unix and Windows Environments - Automate Repetitive Time Consuming Tasks

Load Monitor

Use SNMP to monitor and alert on load on Unix and Windows systems

Unlimited-License - ($19.95)

Trial Version

Disk Space Monitor

Use SNMP to monitor and alert on disk space usage on Unix and Windows systems

Unlimited-License - ($49.95)

Trial Version

Memory Monitor

Use SNMP to monitor and alert on memory usage on Unix and Windows systems

Unlimited-License - ($49.95)

Trial Version

Swap Space Monitor

Use SNMP to monitor and alert on swapping activity on Unix and Windows systems

Unlimited-License - ($19.95)

Trial Version

Process Monitor

Use SNMP to monitor and alert on process count and process memory consumption

Unlimited-License - ($59.95)

Trial Version

Log / File Monitor

Monitor and alert on log content, scan for errors, patterns, alert when user-specified strings are found..or not found. Monitor file timestamp, stale files, directory file count, file growth

Unlimited-License - ($99.95)

All Monitoring Tools

Use this all in one monitoring package to monitor and alert on Load, Disk, Memory, Swap and Processes on both Unix and Windows systems. Monitor Logs, Files and Directories on Unix systems (compatible with Cygwin on Windows as well).

Unlimited-License - Unlimited ($299.95)

Script Protection

Obfuscate and Encrypt Unix & Windows(Cygwin) based scripts written in interpreted languages - languages such as shell (.sh/.bash/.ksh/.ksh93/.zsh/.csh), perl(.pl), python(.py), ruby(.rb), php(.php), rcode(.R/.r), nodejs(.js)

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