Unix Automation & Monitoring

There's a set of tasks every engineer who works on UNIX systems tend to just flat out hate. The reasons for this can be various but usually boils down to the amount of time it takes to complete those tasks, and the many different complex parts each task may be comprised of, plus the amount of mental energy that must be devoted to them, which makes for a very frustrating experience.

Here are UnixAutomation.com, we believe absolutely NOTHING has to be complicated nor tedious. We despise the idea of subjecting users to read unnecessarily complicated documentation.

Our idea of automation is complete and utter watering down of technical procedures to the point where any one who can read basic English can complete any task, without much training.

In other words, when we produce automated tools, you can bet your last dollar our tools will be easiest tools you've ever had the pleasure of using. Why? Because, our tools install very cleanly on all UNIX OSes, and do not require any type of technical sophistication on the user end. There are no special libraries, modules or packages you need to figure out how to configure in order to get any of our tools to work for you. Our tools just work - right out of the box.

But that's not all.

Not only do our tools install safely and quickly on your hosts and servers, they also require the littlest of information from you to carry out the task you want them to. Meaning, by just looking at the many real world examples we provide, you can easily adapt a sample case scenario to your situation and be done with whatever it is you're working on in a matter of seconds or a couple of minutes, as opposed to an hour or more.

Save your sanity and avoid doing unnecesary work. Look through our website to unveil the many time saving, labor eliminating tools we have available for download.